Cycology_ The study of the complex world within the mind of a cyclist, including -but not limited to- the mental routes, pathways, conduits, panoramas and transient emotions experienced while navigating an adventure on the cycle of life. –Urban Dictionary


We are a group of passionate riders and instructors who deliver a high-intensity, low-impact 45 workout each and every time we ride. We ride in a dark, candlelit room to thumping music. We ride to the beat and dance on our bikes. This is a powerful, motivating workout. You will burn massive calories and strengthen and tone with our unique upper body workout during your ride.


*Look for our 60 minute combo classes that burn and tone!


Wear comfortable form fitting clothing, (preferably ¾ length or shorter, fitted yoga pants), a tank or t-shirt and socks. You are welcome to wear your own Look clip cycling shoes or rent ours.


Bring a water bottle or purchase or fill up at our studio. We provide a hand towel to use during your ride. We have showers that are well stocked if you’d like to shower before you leave.



All levels can safely participate in each class. It typically takes 2-4 classes to learn all the cues and moves, but is so much fun while learning! The better you get the more you can challenge yourself!


Expect to have fun and get very sweaty! The music is loud and we do provide ear plugs if you’d like. We will keep your heart rate up throughout the ride. Each rider controls their own resistance and can work at their level. The room is dark and you are welcome to sit back down at any time. YOU CONTROL YOUR RIDE. We ask you to push yourself but want you to pay attention to your own body and be a smart rider! Expect to leave your cell phone turned off and in your cubby so you can tune in to our instructors. We want you and your fellow riders to have a safe ride and not get distracted. Please use this time to focus on your body and leave the outside world behind.



Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class start time especially if it’s your first or

second class. We will need time to get you set up on your bike.