What’s better than our incredible classes?


Our incredible classes combined with our 6 Week Transformation Program!


Every week we get another study that shows us the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits. We all know the importance of maintaining our muscular strength and a healthy weight.  For most people this is HARD! A lot of us lost our will to work out and eat healthy during the Pandemic. Most people gained weight and stopped exercising enough.


We want to help you get back in the groove or to find it! Our cycle and Hilt classes are FUN, high-intensity cardio classes designed to improve heart health and burn massive calories!  Our barre classes are designed to help you get lots of long, lean, gorgeous muscles, improve posture and flexibility and strength!


But for some of us this isn’t enough. We need an extra push to learn or maintain healthy eating habits. Our Transformation program combines our incredible classes with a simple and very easy to follow nutrition plan. Best of all we pair you with a personal accountability coach to help you with classes and nutrition plan goals to keep you on track to amazing results!


Our Transformation Program will help you lose weight, gain muscle and feel GOOD!


For ONLY $19 per week plus the cost of your classes you get:
1. Cycle, barre and HIIT and combo classes (offered 7 days per week)
2. 24/7 access to our incredible online library of classes for at home or away
3. Simple and easy to follow nutrition plan
4. Personal accountability coach
5. Exclusive member opportunities and discounts


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