Our classes are designed to give you a high intensity-low impact cardio workout while having a blast!  Our unique choreography will challenge your whole body. We will tone your upper body as well as your lower body, unlike a basic spin class. Our Cycologists will inspire you with their amazing playlists designed to make you feel like you are dancing on your bike! No two classes are ever the same; keeping it fresh, challenging and real always!


 Our signature 45 minute ride! Ride to the beat, dance on your bike and, blast fat and calories in our darkened room with a concert sound system! As soon as the door shuts you know you are in for a completely unique experience. Your ride will challenge you and keep you motivated throughout!
*Perfect for all levels (must be at least 4’11” to ride)

HIIT 202

45 minutes of High-intensity Interval Training tall to the beat of the music! Our trained instructors guide you through a specially designed workout that allows you to progress to different levels of intensity and choose options that are right for your fitness level.  HIIT classes are for all fitness levels and will give you a full-body workout. 

Come experience this unique and super fun class with us!


Burn n’ Turn

This class highlights what makes our studio so unique: Two studios in One!

We combine 30 minutes of upper body and core toning in the Barre studio, followed by 30 minutes of calorie blasting cardio in the Cycle studio. This class is great for anyone new to cycle or barre, giving you access to both of our signature classes. But don’t be deceived, each routine embraces the burn, and pushes your muscles to the ultimate fatigue.  Come see what clients have been raving about with our newest combo class.

Total Body Barre

A 60 minute all over body workout. We use isometrics mixed with small props and body resistance to exhaust your muscles one by one. Perfect for balance, posture, flexibility and gorgeous long-lean muscles!


Barre  Intense 45

Our 45 -minute barre class is INTENSE. We combine routines and elements to achieve amazing results in less time!


Cardio Barre

Combine the challenge of barre with HIT routines and you have Cardio Barre!!! Expect to torch calories while growing long lean muscles!